Katello 3.12 Documentation

Katello 3.12 Release Notes


Errata Management

  • Load errata applications should allow filtering by date and result (#26479, ecb75c3c)


Content Views

  • Dependency Resolution within content views + associated UI constructs. (#26206, 7474c9d7)


  • Generate report for success/failed patching of content hosts between date ranges (#25973, 76ca4f85)


  • Add Red Hat Satellite Maintenance 6 in recommended repositories (#25920, c5fe7210)


Bug Fixes

Errata Management

  • Errata counts aren’t similar between the content-hosts view and the export csv (#26678, 6696f876)


  • Puppet environments are not synced to the capsules (#26596, f50741cd)
  • undefined method `backend_service’ for nil:NilClass when publishing a CV with Puppet content (#26410, 97c0da15)


Content Views


  • Recommended repositories page listing some non-relevant repositories (#26303, 0f54fcaa)
  • Red Hat Repositories does not show enabled repositories list with search criteria ‘Enabled/Both’ (#25946, 9e770370)
  • Repo filtering is inconsistent (#25875, 7d6135a6)


  • hammer content-view update fails on –repositories (#26091, 90e8f98a)

GPG Keys


  • Unable to add same subscription more than once in Satellite (#25115)
  • Error when uploading a manifest file on the disconnected Server (#25834, 8fb1cc5d)
  • manifest upload duplicate key value violates unique constraint (#26412, c71a605e)

For the full release notes, see the Changelog.

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