Katello 3.13 Documentation

Source RPMs

Listing source RPMs with Hammer CLI

  • SRPM info can be retrieved in a few ways: hammer srpm list and hammer srpm info.

  • The hammer srpm list command lists source RPMS by default across the entire Katello server. This can be filtered down by organization, product, repository, content-view and lifecycle environment.

  • The hammer srpm info command gathers information about a source RPM. Returning ID, Name, Version, Architecture, Epoch, Release, Filename, and Description.

Uploading SRPMs with Hammer CLI

Create a product and repository

First we want to create a product:

# hammer product create --name Zoo --organization-id 1

Product created.

Next we want to grab our product id for the repository creation step:

# hammer product list --organization-id 1

1  | Zoo  |             | Default Organization | 0            |

Next we will create our repo:

# hammer repository create --product-id 1 --organization-id 1 --content-type yum --name source_rpms --publish-via-http yes

Repository created.

Now we want to grab our repo id for the upload step:

# hammer repository list

1  | source_rpms | Zoo     | yum          |

Upload a source RPM into a repository

Now that we have our repository, we will upload a source RPM using the following command:

hammer repository upload-content --content-type srpm --id 1 --product-id 1 --path /root/garmindev-0.3.4-9.el7.src.rpm

Successfully uploaded file 'garmindev-0.3.4-9.el7.src.rpm'

Retrieving the repository info will show that the SRPM was uploaded. Note the content counts.

# hammer repository info --id 1

ID:                 1
Name:               source_rpms
Label:              source_rpms
Organization:       Default Organization
Red Hat Repository: no
Content Type:       yum
Mirror on Sync:     yes
Publish Via HTTP:   yes
Published At:       http://centos7-katello-nightly.area51.example.com/pulp/repos/Default_Organization/Library/custom/Zoo/source_rpms/
Relative Path:      Default_Organization/Library/custom/Zoo/source_rpms
Download Policy:    immediate
    ID:   1
    Name: Zoo
GPG Key:

    Status: Not Synced
Created:            2019/08/21 15:37:14
Updated:            2019/08/21 15:37:16
Content Counts:
    Packages:       0
    Source RPMS:    1
    Package Groups: 0
    Errata:         0
    Module Streams: 0

Listing source RPMS

To list source rpms across the entire Katello server run this command:

# hammer srpm list

1  | garmindev | garmindev-0.3.4-9.el7.src.rpm
  • Filter down by organization, product, repository, content-view and lifecycle environment by passing in the appropriate flags.

Getting information on a source RPM

To grab information on a source RPM run this command:

# hammer srpm info --id 1

ID:           1
Name:         garmindev
Version:      0.3.4
Architecture: src
Epoch:        0
Release:      9.el7
Filename:     garmindev-0.3.4-9.el7.src.rpm
Description:  Drivers for communication with Garmin GPS devices

Uploading SRPMs with the Repositories API

To upload source RPMs with the content_type parameter to the import_uploads API endpoint

To see all of the available options to use with the new Source RPM API

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