Katello 3.15 Documentation

Katello 3.15 Release Notes

For the full release notes, see the Changelog.


  • Improved experience for Simple Content Access users with clarified messaging and UI tweaks
  • Errata can be searched by their issued date
  • hammer gpg has been renamed to hammer content-credentials to match the UI
  • Host updates will no longer use Dynflow for increased performance
  • Repository support for pulpcore rpm content types.
  • Improved visibility of pulp2 and pulpcore service responsibility in smart proxy service details
  • Improved performance of Subscriptions list API
  • Content count information is now stored on Content View Versions directly for increased performance


  • Puppet and OSTree repository types will no longer be available in Katello 3.16
  • katello-agent will be removed in Katello 3.16

Bug Fixes

Katello 3.15 includes 77 bug fixes, which can be seen here


  • Avi Sharvit
  • Brad Buckingham
  • Chris Roberts
  • Dhananjay Gupte
  • Eric Helms
  • Ian Ballou
  • James Jeffers
  • Jeremy Lenz
  • John Mitsch
  • Jonathon Turel
  • Justin Sherrill
  • Marek Hul├ín
  • Michael Moll
  • Partha Aji
  • Ranjan Kumar
  • Ron Lavi
  • Samir Jha
  • Shimon Shtein
  • Shira Maximov
  • Swetha Seelam Lakshmi Narayanan
  • Walden Raines

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