Katello 3.8 Documentation

Katello 3.8 (Stout) Release Notes

For the full release notes, see the Changelog.


Satellite QE

Several robottelo tests have been added by Satellite QE team

Content Views

It is now possible to change the description of a content view version


It is now possible to add new environments in between an environment path

Bug Fixes

Several bug fixes around Errata Management, Repositories, Docker, and more are part of this release. Please refer to the changelog for more details.

Client package changes

  • katello-agent/goferd is now optional, only used for remote exec.
  • katello-host-tools is required for package upload/errata status.
  • katello-host-tools-tracer required for traces management, must be installed AFTER updating katello-host-tools.


  • agrawal
  • Adam Ruzicka
  • Andrew Kofink
  • Bernhard Suttner
  • Bryan Kearney
  • Chris Duryee
  • Chris Hale
  • Christine Fouant
  • Daniel Lobato Garcia
  • Dan Seethaler
  • Dmitri Dolguikh
  • Eric D. Helms
  • Evgeni Golov
  • Ido Kanner
  • Ivan Nečas
  • John Mitsch
  • Jonathon Turel
  • Justin Sherrill
  • kgaikwad
  • ldjebran
  • Lukas Zapletal
  • Marek Hulan
  • Masatake YAMATO
  • Matthias Dellweg
  • Michael Johnson
  • Michael Moll
  • Ondrej Prazak
  • Partha Aji
  • Paul Donohue
  • Quirin Pamp
  • Ranjan Kumar
  • Samir Jha
  • Sean O’Keeffe
  • Sebastian Gräßl
  • Shimon Shtein
  • Stephen Benjamin
  • Tomas Strachota
  • Tom McKay
  • Walden Raines
  • Zach Huntington-Meath

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