Foreman & Katello: Automating the infrastructure thing - Ivan Nečas

Provision and manage Docker containers with Foreman - Daniel Lobato Garcia

How to keep track of Puppet with Foreman - Glen Ogilvie

Foreman & Katello demo & overview - Ohad Levy, Dominic Cleal, Justin Sherrill

FOSDEM 2014 - Ohad Levy

NYLUG Provisioning & Managing bare metal, VMs & cloud instances with Foreman - Sam Kottler

Puppet Camp Ghent 2013 - Ohad Levy

Puppet Conf 2012 - Ohad Levy

Puppet NYC 2013 - Sam Kottler

CentOS Dojo 2013 - Dominic Cleal

Integrating oVirt and Foreman- Yaniv Bronhaim

Chef integration - Marek Hulán

Hardware Discovery - Greg Sutcliffe

Build your own image: Foreman discovery plugin - Lukas Zapletal

Chef integration - Dominic Cleal

Deploying FreeBSD systems with Foreman and mfsBSD - Martin Matuška

Quickstart Installation - Dominic Cleal

Quickstart Provisioning - Dominic Cleal

Locations and Organizations - Sam Kottler

Parameterized Classes - Greg Sutcliffe

Provisioning a web-server - Romain Vrignaud

OpenStack integration - Dizz

Automatización en entornos TI: Puppet + Foreman - Antonio Xanxess (Spanish)

Deep Dives

The Foreman team tries to hold regular "deep dive" sessions in which a single aspect of the project is examined and discussed in depth. We try to record these sessions so anybody in the community can benefit from them. You'll find upcoming topics on the Upcoming Deep Dives wiki page.

Introduction to Katello

Next-gen software collections (packaging)

Docker image build service

foreman-pipeline plugin

Multi-host deployments and orchestration

Networking unification

Salt integration plugins

ABRT plugins

Smart class parameter overrides

Staypuft, deploying OpenStack using Foreman

Discussion about 1.5 user interface

Smart proxy modularization

CLI unified name searches

Dynamically generated CLI

Rewriting orchestration to Dynflow

Organizations and locations inheritance

Dynflow executors (part 2 of 2)

Dynflow tools and concepts (part 1 of 2)

Building OpenStack images from host groups

Remote management with MCollective

Katello tasks via Dynaflow

Katello and Foreman permissions systems

Discussion: System vs. Host naming convention

Plugin registration and menus

oVirt Node plugin for Discovery

OpenStack provisioning plugins

Kafo-based installer

Removing Puppet from core

CLI implementation

Packaging and Software Collections

Discovery plugin demo

Internationalization (i18n) and gettext

Development environments

Fog and compute resources

Introduction to Scrum

Apipie: API documentation

Testing Foreman

Covers unit, functional, integration, Capybara integration tests, proxy tests and Jenkins.

Pull requests: Trello and Jenkins

Project infrastructure discussion

MCollective and Puppet 3 data bindings

Organizations and Locations implementation

Parameterized Class support

Jenkins and Packaging

Sprint Demos

Regular end of sprint demos are recorded showing a selection of the recent work going into Foreman and related projects.

Sprint 31

Covers provisioning template serving via smart proxy, new UI for network interfaces, networking information in ENC output, rule based auto provisioning of discovered hosts, Hammer CLI commands for discovery. After the Foreman part, new Katello features are presented.

Sprint 30

Covers Puppet run wait, Discovery image 2.0, Ubuntu 12.04 with Brightbox, Docker image name autocomplete, Docker wizard, console and management, Hammer CI tests, refined API for NICs, mail notifications, password strength meter, DHCP browser plugin, CLI lazy credentials, secure headers overview.

Sprint 29

Covers UEFI+QEMU booting, bonded interfaces, test fixtures, friendly_id gem, foreman_host_rundeck plugin, Puppet Server installer support, smart variables and LDAP auth source in Hammer, hammer host ssh command, graphite plugin and build status review.

Sprint 28

Covers improved multi-NIC support, host group reparenting, Debian plugin package changes, SHA-2 password hashing, CLI smart class parameter overrides, required form fields, search auto-complete, images API and EL7-based Discovery images.

Sprint 27

Covers bootdisk API/CLI, Hammer performance improvements, FreeIPA installer and auth integration, LDAP group support, dashboard widgets, database length validation and dashboard chart fixes.

Sprint 26

Covers Puppet directory environments support, configuration of ENC/report processors, cloning & read only templates and VMware hardware version support.

Sprint 25

Covers management of roles, filters and user groups in Hammer and changes to the GUI regarding required input fields and default values of selectors.

Sprint 23

Covers changes to initial admin account, updates to foreman_chef with smart proxy associations, a new dashboard with drag-and-drop widgets, community templates changes, SELinux policies for plugins and 'fvb' script for launching new virtual machines.

Sprint 22

Covers discovery 0.5 images, a new API for the discovery plugin, localization of CLI, search by name and listing associated names in CLI, localization of API, staypuft-installer for OpenStack, realm and FreeIPA integration, config groups and compute resources (Docker) as a plugin.

Sprint 21

Covers admin account changes, LDAP avatar support, installer unification, libvirt host group snapshots, Hammer collections output, host groups, root passwords, timeouts, localisation, configuration and logging changes, default location/org for users in Foreman, LDAP user groups, live CD for Foreman and discovery, EL6 discovery image, foreman-tail and a configuration groups UI.

Sprint 20

Covers Kafo usability, Jenkins discovery image building, host/Puppet registration, Hammer i18n, persistent history and dynamic API bindings, plugin and compute resource in the installer, inherited locations and organizations, config groups for puppet classes, OpenStack volume and block device mapping, oVirt and libvirt imaging support, and Docker compute resources.

Sprint 18

Covers user-data support, branding changes, discovery MAC changes, Puppet future parser, foreman-bats, UI improvements, new permissions system update, compute profiles, org/loc inheritance, dynamic API bindings and Hammer integration, testing community templates and Discovery boot improvements.

Sprint 17

Covers "hammer shell" improvements, MCollective command execution, host/system review, new APIv2 enhancements, DB seeding, Puppet run via SaltStack, OpenStack images from host groups, Kafo PR testing, user group and role changes, libvirt/virsh DNS/DHCP providers, new VM AJAX feature.

Sprint 16

Covers plugin CI, oVirt node foreman_discovery plugin, template URL fixes, IP address validation, nested fact support, Hammer CLI host creation, Hammer development howto, Katello as a plugin update, APIv2 conventions and changes, MCollective plugin update, Hammer puppet class import and parameter support.

Sprint 15

Covers two pane UI, new provisioning template editor, Hammer CLI adapters and CSV output, Chef integration status, a test framework for plugins, Google Compute Engine support and the foreman-background plugin.