Provision from anywhere

Bare metal (MaaS), Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, OpenStack, Libvirt, oVirt, VMware, and many other providers allow you to manage a hybrid cloud through Foreman.


An external node classifier, hiera-like parameters, and reports monitoring for Puppet and Salt are included. Completely ready to tweak host groups in your data center.

Monitor hosts

Foreman reports will tell you exactly what happened in your nodes, and alert you when things go awry. See in your dashboard which hosts are healthy, and which ones are outdated.


UIs slow you down? Hammer CLI gives you easy access to all the API calls you need to stay on top of your data center.


We provide a RESTful API to give you the power to automate most tasks, such as registering hosts, assigning roles to users, and more.

RBAC and LDAP integration

A thorough authorization system based on role based access control (RBAC) allows for tight policies for your Foreman users. If you use LDAP or FreeIPA, you can continue using them for authentication and authorization.


No more wondering why did your load balancer suddenly become a database. Check how, who and when in our audits system.


A pluggable architecture allows you to extend Foreman in almost any direction. Visit our list of plugins for a glimpse.

Host groups

Horizontal scaling is an ubiquitous architecture in IT. Group your hosts and modify their configuration as if they were just one with Foreman.


Provision on bare-metal (MaaS) & public or private clouds all from one place with one simple process.


A complete configuration management solution including an ENC for Puppet and Salt, built-in support for parameterized classes and hierarchical parameter storage.


Collect Puppet, Salt, and Ansible reports and facts. Monitor host configuration, report status, distribution and trends.

Foreman 3.11.1 has been released! Follow the quick start to install it.

Foreman 3.10.0 has been released! Follow the quick start to install it.