Foreman training materials

This page lists the materials available for those wishing to study/practice working with Foreman, as an alternative style to reading the manual.

NETWAYS Training Course

This course was developed by NETWAYS and made available to the Foreman community for use in developing training courses of their own, or for community members to use for self-study. It is designed as a two-day hands-on training course, and as well as the presentation below, it comes with handouts, exercises, and solutions.

A full-page version of the presentation can be found at

The source for this training material, along with handouts and excercises/solutions can be found on the NETWAYS GitHub page. Contribution to improve the source material is welcome!

Release candidates for Foreman 1.15.0 are now available, with new SSH, CSV and template/roles locking features, plus many other enhancements, please help test the new release. Read about the changes in the release notes, and follow the quick start to install it.

A new bug fix release for Foreman 1.14 is available. See the Foreman 1.14.3 release notes for more details.