Foreman Community Newsletter - March 2017

How time flies! March is coming to a close, the clocks have changed, winter is fading, and it’s time for yet another Foreman newsletter!

Foreman 1.15 branched

The next release of Foreman is imminent, containing headline features such as an entirely new notification system, SSH key management for users, and much more.

As ever, we rely on you guys to test the release candidates (and so many of you do, thanks!), so please do keep an eye on the mailing list over the next week or so for the first RC release, and make sure you report those bugs if you do!

1.14.2 Bugfix release

Foreman 1.14.2 bugfix release was published on March 2nd, containing provisioning, API and Puppet fixes. As always, thanks to the contributors who helped make this happen!

Katello 3.3.1 bugfix release

Katello 3.3.1 was released on March 16th, containing a huge list of fixes for upgrade issues, display bugs, custom certificates and much more. Users who had issues upgrading to 3.3.0 are encouraged to give 3.3.1 a try and let us know how you get on!

Community survey results

The community survey got over 200 responses this year - a fantastic result compared to last year. I’ve just finished working over the results and writing it up, and you can read the extensive summary here. It’s a pretty interesting read, if you like graphs!

We also did the prize draw in this week’s community demo, so check out the video if you want to see the winners :)

Upcoming Events

Every 3 weeks we get together to take a look at what’s been happening in the Foreman community, and you’re always welcome to join us live on YouTube to get involved, ask questions, and make your views known. The next demo will be Apr 20th, so we’ll see you then!

Community Demos

In this demo we saw the new Notifications UI for Foreman 1.15, much love for Katello (sync updates, container registry discovery, Pulp performance), and a new tool aimed at helping to diagnose & fix Foreman maintenance issues. Check it out!

This demo covered much of the changes you’ll find in 1.15 - new handling of SSH keys, CSV exports from many pages, and new handling of global default template, template locking, and role locking. We also did the prize draw for the survey raffle! Enjoy!

(All Foreman events are now available via the Foreman Calendar)

Updated plugins

Updated plugins:


Thanks to everyone who contributes to the Foreman community - patches, plugins, testing, bug reports, translations, interviews, presentations, meet ups and everything else. Your efforts are very much appreciated!

You can follow us on Twitter: @ForemanProject. If you tweet about Foreman, please use the hashtag #theforeman so we can see it!
We also have a Google+ group which you can join for updates & discussion.

Foreman 1.17.0 is now available! Read all about the changes in the release notes, and follow the quick start to install it.

A new bug fix release for Foreman 1.16 is now available. This release contains fixes for 2 security bugs and other minor patches. See the Foreman 1.16.1 release notes for more details..