Remembering Gail Steiger

Last Friday, Gail Steiger, a foreman developer passed away, after a long fight with cancer.

Gail started working on foreman about a year ago - doing something that was not easy at all, I’ve asked her to build up the next generation of UI technologies that would allow foreman (and its plugins) to grow, she had a major part in introducing technologies such as webpack, react, flux and then redux, jest etc. She initiated many visible UI changes such as Statistics charts, notification drawer, toast notifications etc.

Sadly she did not have the opportunity to continue her work, yet we are committed to keep walking in the path she started.

It’s hard talking about you in past tense, I already miss you Gail – may you rest in peace.



Comments from the community:

Foreman 1.18.0 has been released! Follow the quick start to install it.

Foreman 1.17.1 is now available with several bugfixes. Follow the quick start to install it.

A new bug fix release for Foreman 1.16 is now available. This release contains critical fixes for VMWare, oVirt and the Puppet ENC. See the Foreman 1.16.2 release notes for more details..