Foreman Ansible Modules v1.0.0 released

You’ve probably heard already me talking about how you can automate Foreman using Ansible and our Foreman Ansible Modules. And if you did, I have great news for you: we just released v1.0.0 - the first officially stable release!

Oh you didn’t? Well… Foreman Ansible Modules is a collection of Ansible modules that interact with the Foreman API and that you can use to manage a Foreman installation from Ansible. You can manage Compute Resources, deploy new Hosts, create Domains and Subnets, manage Users and much more. If you’re running Katello, you can also manage Content Views, upload Content Artifacts, sync Repositories, create Activation Keys and Lifecycle Environments etc.

If you used the modules in the past, v1.0.0 comes with a few noteworthy changes:

  • the foreman_ and katello_ prefix was dropped from the module names as the collection is already namespaced
  • the following modules were further renamed:
    • foreman_environment to puppet_environment
    • foreman_model to hardware_model
    • foreman_ptable to partition_table
    • foreman_search_facts to resource_info
    • katello_manifest to subscription_manifest
    • katello_sync to repository_sync
    • katello_upload to content_upload
  • the deprecated verify_ssl parameter was dropped, now only validate_certs is supported

Comments from the community:

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