Foreman Ansible Modules v1.4.0 released

Okay, you know the drill, we have released Foreman Ansible Modules v1.4.0 and here is the best-of from that release!

The biggest non-functional change in 1.4.0 is the vendoring of the apypie library. The library is responsible for the communication with the Foreman API and not Ansible-specific as such. In the past it was shipped as a standalone library and users had to install it from RPM or PyPI to be able to use the collection. This turned out to be a burden, especially for users running on enterprise distributions, so we decided to vendor the library inside the collection. The library development still happens separately on GitHub. Users now only have to install the requests library, which is easily available on any distribution.

No new release without a new module, right? Well, this time you get two!

job_invocation allows you to run and schedule Remote Execution jobs from Ansible. You can even use Ansible to schedule an Ansible run that schedules an Ansible run…

smart_proxy allows you to manage Smart Proxies, including setting the download policy and assigning lifecycle environments on Katello installations.

The redhat_manifest module now supports creating Simple Content Access manifests (#820).

All modules now detect if you passed any parameters that aren’t supported by your version of Foreman (or plugins), and warn you instead of failing with a cryptic error message (#975).

Modules that refer to another entity (like the dns_proxy parameter of the domain module) now support unassigning these by passing an empty string for that parameter (#969).

See the full 1.4.0 changelog for the rest of the changes.

And may I leak something to you? 1.5.0 will contain something super new! A role for even easier manifest management!

So grab 1.4.0 while it’s hot and use the waiting time until 1.5.0 for some heavy testing of the new 1.4.0 features ;)

Comments from the community:

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