Foreman Community Newsletter (November 2020)

Thanks to everyone who asked and answered questions, opened issues, and made the Foreman Community a hive of activity over the last month. Here is a summary of some of the major events, contributions, and requests for feedback over the last month.

Foreman 2.2.1 has been released!

This includes updates to correct the logging layout and a fix for the puppetrun removal migration. For more information, see the full release announcement.

Foreman 2.3 RC2 is available for testing!

The second release candidate of Foreman 2.3 is now available for testing.

Please evaluate this release candidate to help make the next Foreman release as stable as possible.

Some of the new features include a new simplified process of registering hosts to Foreman, the ability to preview template rendering even when safe mode is disabled, and the new “instance title” to help distinguish different Foreman instances from each other. For more information, check out the release announcement.

Katello 3.17 has been released!

A total of 105 bugs and features have been addressed in this release.

For the full list of fixes and features, see the release announcement.

Katello 3.18 RC 1 is available for testing!

The first release candidate for Katello 3.18 is also available for testing. This release candidate focuses on improvements to the Simple Content Access experience as well as preparing for the final transition to Pulp 3 in Katello 4.0. For more information about the Katello release schedule, check out the New Katello release schedule & Pulp 3 Migration Update

Check out the full release announcement here.

Roadmapping Foreman and Katello through Redmine Tickets

This month, @ezr-ondrej expressed his long-lasting wish to have a roadmap communicating features that we plan to deliver in upcoming releases. He outlines where we fell down with past efforts on this, and proposes a solution. Please read @ezr-ondrej’s post and share your thoughts with him on his proposal.


This month, we held a two-day ForemanCon event that was largely focussed on Foreman contributors and what might make contributing to Foreman a bit easier.

ForemanCon Day 1

@lzap   New Foreman webhooks plugin
@iballou @Justin_Sherrill @sajha @jjeffers   Pulp 3 & applicability differences & troubleshooting
@ezr-ondrej   Github actions in Foreman project
@Justin_Sherrill   Ruby debugging tips & tricks
@ekohl   Writing a good PR to get it merged easily

ForemanCon Day 2

@evgeni   Foreman Ansible Modules, Foreman Collection, where and how to contribute
@aruzicka @ezr-ondrej   Dynflow on your Foreman
@Zhunting   Jenkins and how to use it
@wbclark   Installer: architecture and how to contribute
@tbrisker   Foreman security process

ForemanCon YouTube playlist

You can rewatch the entire event on our ForemanCon playlist on the Foreman YouTube channel.

ForemanCon Survey

Although we’ve been running online events, such as deep dives and the community demo, for a number of years, this entirely online format is still new to us. From what we can see, our presence at European conferences will be moved online in early 2021 also. We want to know what you think after a number of such online events. Is it working? Would you like longer or shorter events? How can we make the most of your time? If you have any feedback, please provide it in the ForemanCon Survey.

Foreman Community Demo #87

Thank you to everyone who demoed their latest work and participated in the livestreams! You can rewatch this month’s demo in full or use the timestamps to watch specific demos:

@m-bucher Katello: Pulp 3 for Debian repos
@iballou Katello: New Pulp 3 migration rake tasks
@jeremylenz Katello: Restricting OS Version in custom repositories
@Jonathon_Turel Katello: Import-only Content Views
@cintrix84 Katello: System Purpose Bulk Action for Hosts
@Marek_Hulan Host last checking report

UX Roadmap for 2.4

@laviro and the other UX enthusiasts are keeping the UX roadmap for Foreman 2.4 updated. They will continue their regular fortnightly meetings throughout the month of December. If you’re around and interested, you’re very welcome to join them:

Foreman Infrastructure SIG

The Foreman Infrastructure SIG has been hosting a steady cadence of meetings over the last month. These meetings are open, and the group would be very happy to welcome new faces at any point. You can rewatch/listen to the latest meeting here:

The minutes of the meeting are available here.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 15. If you’re interested, add it to your calendar!

Tutorial: Building Images and Deploying with Foreman

If you’d like precise step-by-step instructions about how to use Lorax Composer to build images and then deploy these images when provisioning wiht Foreman, community member @fresh-pie shared with us a nice end-to-end tutorial on exactly that. Thank you, @fresh-pie!

Boltello Updates

Last month, community member @gerard.ryan posted about his Boltello project, which uses Puppet Bolt to create a completely Hiera-driven, enterprise-like installation of open source Puppet, with all the preconfigurations of, for example, the Foreman web UI and ENC, Katello packaging management, Hiera, r10k and Foreman REX integration. This month he returned with the news that Remote databases capability has been added.. @gerard.ryan has an open call for feedback, so please feel free to provide any feedback that you have!

Comments from the community:

Foreman 2.3.1 has been released! Follow the quick start to install it.

Foreman 2.2.2 has been released! Follow the quick start to install it.