Foreman 3.0 is here!

Foreman 3.0 has been released. Here is a summary of what’s new in this major version.

Preview of the new host detail page

Foreman 3.0 is an important milestone on the road to modernizing Foreman’s user interface. In this release, our main focus is on the host detail page. The experimental and all new host details page is finally ready for users to start testing it and sending us feedback via our community forums or IRC.

To enable the new host page, head over to Administer - Settings - Generic and set Show Experimental Labs setting to Yes. At this point, clicking on a host will still open the current host detail page. To view the new page, on any host, click on its dropdown action button and select New Details Page.

We are looking for your feedback that will help us create the best possible user interface.

Puppet ENC functionality extracted to foreman_puppet plugin

Foreman without the plugin no longer includes Puppet environments, config groups, Puppet classes and smart class parameters. It is still possible to assign a Puppet environment to a host using the puppet_environment parameter. This is also the case for setting Puppet server and Puppet CA server for provisioning, which can be defined using the puppet_server and puppet_ca_server. A rake task will be provided to allow automatically migrating these values to parameters for users who do not wish to continue using the plugin. By default, this plugin is still installed in 3.0 both on fresh installs and upgrades, but will default to off in future releases. More information can be found on our Discourse in thread Puppet ENC plugin development and Puppet in 3.0 release

Kerberos authentication using mod_auth_gssapi

The installer will now deploy mod_auth_gssapi instead of mod_auth_kerb if called with --foreman-ipa-authentication=true. Existing installations will be upgraded to use mod_auth_gssapi too. This allows deploying Kerberos authentication on CentOS 8, which lacks mod_auth_kerb. Debian and Ubuntu also provide mod_auth_gssapi and the installer can now deploy Kerberos authentication there too.

Fact parsers are included in core

Fact parsers for Ansible, Chef, Salt and Subscription Manager were moved to the Foreman core. This is the first step in refactoring fact handling in Foreman to be simpler, faster and easily extendable. Thanks to that, it’s now possible to upload facts from these tools even if the respective plugin is not installed.

More information

For upgrade warnings and deprecations, head over to the official release notes.

Comments from the community:

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