Foreman Community Newsletter (April 2020)

While the world goes through a period of unprecedented change, which you’re probably tired of reading about, work continues on all fronts in the Foreman community.

Foreman 2.0 is released

After 24 versions of Foreman 1.x, Foreman 2.0 was released on April 7. This release boasts up to 320 bug fixes and new features. For more information about Foreman 2.0, see the official announcement and the Foreman 2.0 Release Notes. If you hit upon any issues, please let us know.

Foreman 2.1 stabilization week

Starting Monday, May 4, the stabilization period for Foreman 2.1 begins. Any testing of basic work flows with nightlies during this period will be helpful. For more information, see Heads up: Stabilization week for 2.1 starts next week!.

Katello 3.15 is released

On April 22, Katello 3.15 was released, with over 120 enhancements and bug fixes. For more information, see the release notes.

New Community Manager

If you haven’t already read Hello from the new community manager, I, @mcorr, am now the Foreman Community Manager. I take over from a team effort of Ori Rabin, Tomer Brisker, and Rahul Bajaj, who have kept things moving since Greg Sutcliffe stepped down in 2019. Ori, Tomer, and Greg have spent a lot of time mentoring me during the last few weeks, and for that I am very grateful.

Foreman Community at the Red Hat Virtual Summit

Red Hat Summit was one of the first events to move online as part of the effort to stop the spread of Covid-19. While many people might have been disappointed to miss out on the trip and to meet with users and developers, this also opened the event for those who would never have never otherwise had a chance to attend or participate. The Foreman Community participated as part of the Community Central showcase, providing video content and manning the virtual chat rooms that replaced the Community booths.

Ongoing Community Discussions

Over the last month, community members have been proposing and discussing ideas. The following is a roundup of some ongoing suggestions, so please jump in and shape these discussions if you have some ideas to contribute.

Katello Deep Dives

@ehelms started a discussion around several Katello features, offering to host deep dives and live discussions to further engagement and to progress with these ideas. An initial discussion took place as part of Foreman Community Demo #77. Further events will be added to the Foreman Events calendar.

RFC: Common Fact Model

In March, @lzap started a discussion about NIC interface parsing in Foreman that has developed into a lengthy discussion about creating a common facts model. As part of this discussion, @lzap would like to capture interest and common facts to consider. If you’re interested in contributing or want to contribute to the discussion, complete this form or reply to the original thread.

The Road To Making Puppet Optional

In March, @Marek_Hulan posted about making Puppet integration optional as part of Foreman installation. @tbrisker then outlined the main workflows and integration points of Foreman and Puppet that will inform how the community addresses making Puppet optional in these contexts.

Community Demos

Community Demo #76 took place on April 2. with demos of external IPAM features, DHCP cleanup using a rake task, and updates for Tracer UI areas. There was also a repeat of an earlier demo, in which there were some technical difficulties. This demo included requesting UUID and audits, subnet ordering, dashboard DB cleanup after plugin removal, and RHEL server 7 vs Workstation facts.

Community Demo #77 took place on April 23, with an update on the Pulp 3 migration effort for Katello, as well as a demo of enforcing selected organization on Katello resources, followed by a discussion around the current Katello RFCs.

Comments from the community:

Foreman 2.1.2 has been released! Follow the quick start to install it.

Foreman 2.0.3 has been released! Follow the quick start to install it.