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Foreman Community Newsletter - March 2018

1.17 RC2, Katello 3.6 RC2!

Foreman 1.17 fact filtering

Newer versions of Foreman come with a handy feature - fact and NIC filtering. When Foreman manages hypervisors or container hosts with many bridge or virtual devices, fact names are too often updated and when under heavy load, database locks or rollbacks can happen as fact uploads are one of the most common API calls. Also for each individual NIC reported, Foreman creates a NIC entry and by design it never deletes those from the database. This can lead to situations when hypervisors and container hosts are assigned thousands of NICs when more and more VMs (or containers) are spawned. This slows down performance of various actions, most importantly fact import.

Foreman Community Newsletter - February 2018

1.17 RC1, Katello 3.5.1 & 3.6 RC1 and Lots of Deep dives!

Running Foreman with PostgreSQL 9.6 from Software Collections

When deploying Foreman on CentOS 7, you by default get PostgreSQL 9.2 as packaged in CentOS (and RHEL). However PostgreSQL 9.2 is officially EOL upstream and newer versions bring various performance improvements which might benefit the Foreman installation. This post will show how to deploy Foreman with PostgreSQL 9.6 from

Foreman Community Newsletter - January 2018

The 2018 community survey is here! Also events, demos, and the usual round-up

Foreman 1.17.0 is now available! Read all about the changes in the release notes, and follow the quick start to install it.

A new bug fix release for Foreman 1.16 is now available. This release contains fixes for 2 security bugs and other minor patches. See the Foreman 1.16.1 release notes for more details..