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We’re plannig to shutdown on 2024-06-03, if you’re using it to mirror our repositories, please switch to HTTP(S) based mirroring.

Provisioning Ubuntu Autoinstall

Foreman supports provisioning hosts running Debian and Ubuntu on VMware, Proxmox, cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, and bare metal hosts. With the Katello plug-in, provisioned and registered hosts receive versioned DEB content based on their lifecycle. This blog article is a short summary of what happened behind the scenes to provisioning hosts running Ubuntu 20.04.3+, why you need new templates, and how to use the new deployment mechanism.

Testing a foreman-installer patch with Packit and forklift

Today I was working on a potential fix for the issue that Puppetserver doesn’t start when deployed with fapolicyd in enforcing mode.

I knew that the potential fix is to set PrivateTmp=true in the systemd unit, so the patch was quickly written, but how would one verify it end to end?

Integrating Foreman with Event-Driven Ansible

Event-Driven Ansible is a new way of automation where your automation can dynamically react to events that happen in your environment. Today, we want to show you how you can integrate that with Foreman using the Foreman Webhooks plugin.

Using Personal Access Tokens with Ansible

When using Ansible to manage Foreman with the Foreman Ansible Modules, we need to provide a username and a password for authentication. But what happens if the user doesn’t have a password in Foreman, because external authentication (like LDAP or Kerberos) is used?

Foreman 3.10.0 has been released! Follow the quick start to install it.

Foreman 3.9.3 has been released! Follow the quick start to install it.