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Foreman Community Newsletter - November 2016

Foreman 1.13.2, Katello 3.2, plugin updates, YouTube content, many community events... catch up on the latest news in the Foreman world.

Tell us your story at CfgMgmtCamp Ghent / FOSDEM 2017 / DevConf

The Foreman Community wants to hear from YOU at our upcoming conferences. Read on for details!

Foreman Community Newsletter - October 2016

Foreman 1.13, Discovery 7.0, EL6 information, meet ups, plugin updates... it's all happening in the Foreman community this month. Get your round-up here!

Katello Puppet 4 integration

Puppet 4 integration is coming to Katello and we wanted to share with you how it works!

Foreman Community Newsletter - September 2016

Foreman 1.13 highlights, Katello 3.1 and 3.2-RC1, EL6 deprecated for 1.14 and all the usual plugin and media roundup

Foreman 1.15.0 is now available, featuring a new notifications UI, template changes, and improvements to host owners and SSH keys. Read about all of the changes in the release notes, and follow the quick start to install it.

A new bug fix release for Foreman 1.14 is available. See the Foreman 1.14.3 release notes for more details.