Katello 3.18 Documentation

Katello 3.18 Release Notes

For the full release notes, see the Changelog.


  • Pulp 3 updated to 3.7
  • Debian content can now be managed with Pulp 3
  • System Purpose can now be set in bulk from the Content Hosts list
  • Repositories within custom products can now be associated with an OS version for better control over default enablement on Content Hosts (currently Red Hat Enterprise Linux only)
  • Content host Traces can now be resolved with Hammer CLI
  • hammer host traces resolve –help
  • The ability to export content to disconnected environments has been added to support Pulp 3 repos. See the API documentation and these new Hammer commands:
    • hammer content-export full library –help
    • hammer content-export full version –help
    • hammer content-export incremental library –help
    • hammer content-export incremental version –help
    • These commands do not support Pulp 2 repositories


  • katello-agent will be removed in a future Katello release. Consider migrating to use the Remote Execution plugin for managing content on your hosts
  • Puppet and OSTree repository types will no longer be available in Katello 4.0
  • Background download policy will be removed in Katello 4.0
  • Pulp 3 will replace Pulp 2 in Katello 4.0
    • MongoDB will be removed in Katello 4.0
    • The Foreman installer MongoDB Storage Engine Migration Hook will be removed for Katello 4.0


  • Katello 3.18 cannot be deployed on EL8 systems.

Bug Fixes

Over 30 bugs fixed in this release! Check out the release tracker.


  • Adam Růžička
  • Amir Fefer
  • Bernhard Suttner
  • Chris Roberts
  • Ian Ballou
  • James Jeffers
  • Jan Bundesmann
  • Jeremy Lenz
  • John Mitsch
  • Jonathon Turel
  • Justin Sherrill
  • Leos Stejskal
  • Markus Bucher
  • Ondrej Prazak
  • Ondřej Ezr
  • Partha Aji
  • Ranjan Kumar
  • Samir Jha

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