Foreman Community Newsletter September 2021

A lot has happened this month. A big thank you to everyone who made September a busy time in the Foreman community!

Foreman 3.0 has landed!

This release is a culmination of years of work on many fronts. Firstly, this release sees the extraction of Puppet functionality from Foreman core. Also, a draft of the new host details page has landed.

Here are some links to important information about this release:

The future of the host details page is very much in your hands. Please tell us what you think.

The Foreman 3.0 release attracted a bit of attention, and we found ourselves at #4 on Hacker News one Friday night. also has a nice feature report of the changes in Foreman 3.0.

Last but not least, @Dirk has a lovely German-language article Foreman 3.0 – Was bedeutet der neue Major-Release about the release.

If you spot anything else about Foreman online, please let us know.

Katello 4.2 RC 3 is ready for testing

This week, Katello 4.2 is due to land. In the meantime, please evaluate this release candidate to make the release as stable as possible. For more information, you can find the changelog and installation instructions here.

New Foreman & Salt Configuration docs

Thanks to @maximilian and the folks at ATIX, our Managing Hosts guide has an entire chapter on setting up and using Salt for host configuration management in Foreman.

If you use the docs, let us know what you think

Simplifying Foreman’s taxonomy model

@ezr-ondrej has posted his thoughts on one of the historical and ongoing challenges for Foreman: the taxonomy model is very hard to understand for both users and developers. Read @ezr-ondrej’s and consider how this has impacted you as a user or developer, and join the discussion.

New Tutorials Contributed This Month

Foreman is as strong as the community that contributes to it. There are many different ways to contribute. If you have a workflow that is novel, divergent, or undocumented, it might help other other community members extend their own Foreman deployments, please post a tutorial.

Here are some tutorials contributed this month.

Foreman 3.0 with LetsEncrypt

@Neeloj contributed a tutorial that provides the setup for using LetsEncrypt with Foreman 3.0.

Foreman Application Server Puma Status Monitoring

@Marek_Hulan added a tutorial that provides information about how to monitor and control the Puma service in Foreman.

Adding Raspberry Pi 10 (Buster) Devices to Foreman

@gawainxl provided a tutorial on adding Raspberry Pi 10 (Debian Buster) devices to Foreman.

Automating Systems with Foreman, AWX, and FreeIPA

A few months back, @parmstrong wrote about a Foreman use case that is not very well known in the community. Paul’s blog describes using custom facts to automate the discovery of an Intel NUC machines cluster with Foreman. In his latest article, Paul guides you through provisioning and configuring hosts so that you can deliver complete solutions in a repeatable manner. Read Automating systems with Foreman, AWX, and FreeIPA on our blog!

Centos 8 will EOL in December

Foreman is the ideal tool to manage and take full control of your Centos Stream servers. You can read more in a recent article Manage CentOS Stream with Foreman.

Try our 100th Demo Quiz!

To celebrate 100 Foreman Community Demos @lzap presented a Foreman-themed general knowledge quiz. Why not test your knowledge! Answers revealed as the quiz progresses.

See here for a correction of the Forklift artist question!

Open Source Automation Days

Open Source Automation Days (OSAD) is an annual manufacturer-independent open source conference in Munich. It takes place from Oct 4 - Oct 5.

For more information on the sessions of particular interest to Foreman, checkout @bernhard_suttner’s write up on our event calendar

We are very grateful to GitHub for upgrading the Foreman organization to the teams plan this month.

Also, our Conova-sponsored infrastructure is coming in handy!

See our website for a full list of our sponsors.

Community Demos: 100 & 101

This month, we had two community demos. You can rewatch here:

New to Foreman?

If you’re new to Foreman or thinking about using Foreman, read @Marek_Hulan’s blog series from earlier this year that walks you through the initial steps:

If you have questions, comments, or feedback, either drop a comment on the end of the blog posts or start a discussion on our Community Discourse.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who asked and answered questions, opened issues, and made the Foreman community a vibrant place to be over the last month!

Comments from the community:

Foreman 3.10.0 has been released! Follow the quick start to install it.

Foreman 3.9.1 has been released! Follow the quick start to install it.